Germaine has a jiggly butt and she is proud of it.
Naughty ending

    In the naughty version Germaine gets buck naked on her webcam.

Looks like Germain fell asleep and her
webcam is still on.
Lets use the remote controlled robo-hand
to have some fun.

    Foamy takes Germaine's panties
for an online auction.
    Germaine teases the store clerk but
when he loses it she has to deal with
the consequences
    Pulp Fiction Thingy from a more interesting angle. Spank her and then use the dildo
    Germaine gets excited talking about a bikini carwash and playing with a huge hotdog. In this naughty version she plays hide-the-sausage.
    What does Germain fantasize about? She fucks an elf.
    This is the famous Foamy-Fucks-Germain spoof